Upcoming Events at Holy Cross

The Solemnity of the Assumption - The Assumption of the Blessed Mother (August 15th) is classified as a Solemnity in the Catholic Church.  In most years it is a Holy Day of Obligation.  However, in the dioceses of the United States, whenever August 15th falls on a Saturday or Monday, the obligation to attend Mass is dispensed.  Thus, Catholics are not obliged to attend Mass on August 15 this year.  If you wish to attend Mass on the Holy Day, we will have a Mass at 9:00 A.M. on Monday, August 15th, at Holy Cross Church in Onamia. 

Fall Fun Fest - Our festival will soon be here. Save the date of Sunday, September 11th so you won’t miss it! Holy Cross Parishioners will be receiving their fun fest packets in the mail shortly. Please keep an eye out for it so you know what’s happening.  Also, check back here in the bulletin for any updates. 

If you have any questions, please call Rita at 763-567-3876.

Holy Cross Cemetery Reminder – If you have placed a memorial at the gravesite of a loved one in Holy Cross Cemetery, please be mindful of the policies posted at the main entrance of the cemetery.  Memorials need to be maintained by those who have placed them there. Withered and spent or worn/ tattered  artificial memorials need to be removed in a timely manner.  Please help us keep our cemetery a beautiful, peaceful place.