Upcoming Events at Holy Cross

Parish Life is EVERYTHING we do as members of the Holy Cross Parish family.  Please join us, your fellow parishioners, at the Holy Cross Parish Life meeting on Tuesday, October 4th at 7:00 P.M. This is our inaugural/first meeting to set the tone and direction of our parish ministry programs. We need input and discussion regarding Liturgy, adult and youth formation, parish activities and the ever necessary, fundraising. Would you like to attend but are unable to? Please contact Richard Schumacher at 612-390-6210 and let him know how you would like to help or what ideas you have.

Eucharistic Minister Procedure – For the past couple of years, we have only needed one additional Eucharistic Minister for our Sunday mass. Beginning in October, we will return to Communion under both species, the Body and the Blood.  A few years ago, we instituted a new procedure for Eucharistic Ministers. Upon arrival for mass, take notice if Eucharistic ministers are needed. This will be evident when you approach the table in the church entry to put your host into the ciborium. For Sunday morning Mass we will place 3 cross pendants on the table.  As a Eucharistic Minister, if you are able to serve simply take a cross pendant to wear.  After Communion, return the cross pendent to the credence table on the altar. If you see no cross pendants on the table at the church entry, you will know that we already have enough Eucharistic ministers for that Mass. With varied weekend plans and work schedules we realize that it is difficult to serve for an entire month. We hope this will work out better for our volunteers. If you are not currently a Eucharistic Minister and would like to begin serving in this ministry, please contact Fr. Jerry or Kathy at the parish office.